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BETC's Awards and Nominations

From Epica Awards to over 2000 nominations

Founded in 1995, BETC has been able to make its way to the top of the industry and stay there by deploying their creativity and talents in each campaign. Having expanded to London, Sao Paulo, and Los Angeles, BETC is a global agency, seeing itself receive many award nominations every year.

As recorded by Ad Forum, BETC Paris has received over 2000 nominations, shortlist appearances, award mentions, and award wins from 1999 to 2018, proving how well-received they are by critics in the industry.

For BETC, the awards trail began in 1999 with a huge win at the Epica Awards. The now iconic advert ‘Waterbabies’ for Evian landed the win in the non-alcoholic drinks category, spawning an advertising dynasty for Evian, who teamed up with BETC many times down the line to encourage people to ‘Live Young’.

Many more awards and nominations followed through the ‘00s, but one of their biggest years was 2010. With the creation of ‘The Closet’ for recurring partner Canal+, BETC made history by becoming the first French advert to reach the number one spot in the Gunn Report, which ranks the world’s advertising agencies and advertising campaigns each year.

With the Gunn Report conquered in 2010, BETC went about continuing to better themselves, creating more memorable campaigns and iconic characters for adverts. Now, 2012 can be looked back on as possibly BETC’s biggest year on the awards front. In the year, BETC ranked as the eighth-most awarded agency and recorded their tenth consecutive year in the Gunn Report’s Top 50, which made them one of only nine agencies to do so.

But, the 2012 Gunn Report yielded further history-making success for BETC, thanks to their incredible advert ‘The Bear’ for Canal+. The advert of a loveable bearskin rug that turned into a famous movie director thanks to watching Canal+ became the most awarded advert of the year. But it didn’t stop there; ‘The Bear’ clocked in as the most awarded television advert of all-time in the Gunn Report. A truly spectacular feat, but by watching the advert, it’s easy to see why it earned so much critical acclaim.

Most recently, BETC has continued its domination of award ceremonies. In 2017, BETC swept-up at the Mobius Awards, taking home two prestigious Best of Show prizes. Their minute-long short film for Lacoste called ‘Timeless’ landed BETC the coveted Best of Show in Commercials. The second award, Best of Show in Social Media Marketing, came for their campaign for Addict Aide, a substance abuse prevention service, entitled ‘Like My Addiction.’ The campaign had an advert but also involved the actor strategically posting on social media with set hashtags, later revealing to her many followers that she was fictitious and designed to show how easy it is to miss the signs of alcohol addiction, per Reel Chicago.

In 2018, BETC’s creativity shone through once again, this time at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, at which the advertising agency won a remarkable three Gold Lions, five Silver Lions, and nine Bronze Lions for the ‘Save Our Species’ campaign for Lacoste.

BETC continues to earn nominations and wins at prestigious awards ceremonies because they continue to deliver creative and memorable campaigns.

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