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Jontex Cheetahs X Sloths
(Jontex, Cheetahs X Sloths) Source: Best Ads on TV

BETC June 2019 Recap: Michelin Partnership and Evian Babies Return

BETC continues to sprinkle its unique sense of creativity and ability to think outside of the box on advertising campaigns all over the world. BETC’s ability to bring together clever, funny, and sometimes sexy concepts to their projects has made the advert-viewing experience enjoyable and very effective for their clients.

In June 2019, BETC came out with several big announcements which include an announced partnership with one of the most powerful brands in the world as well as a return of some fan favourites.

Partnering with a French icon

Founded 130 years ago in France and still based in Clermont-Ferrand, Michelin has become a global brand that’s transcended the tyre manufacturing industry. Not only are they the second-largest tyre manufacturer in the world, but they are also famed for their critique of restaurants. Michelin’s Red Guide and the Michelin Stars awarded by their critics have become a world-renowned symbol of excellence in cooking. Then, of course, there’s their famous mascot Bibendum, more commonly referred to as the ‘Michelin Man.’

Being a French advertising agency, it’s clear to see why BETC would jump at the opportunity to work with Michelin. After a bidding process, Michelin announced that BETC Paris and Ogilvy were the final candidates on 20 June before finally selecting BETC Paris as their new strategic agency. Founding President of BETC, Remi Babinet, stated that “Working for one of the world’s leading French companies is an extraordinary opportunity” and that they are “very proud to be serving Michelin,” per Little Black Book.

BETC in Brazil incorporates animals for condom campaign

BETC isn’t confined to making superb adverts for French companies, however, with their Brazil headquarters, BETC/Havas, teaming up with Jontex for an inspired campaign. Jontex, the Brazilian condom and lubricants brand, needed a powerful but, of course, not too explicit campaign to showcase their new product ‘Synchronised Orgasm,’ which is said to prolong men while stimulating women.

BETC/Havas opted to go with an image-driven campaign across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well as prints. As you can see in the image above, the creative advertising company decided to depict the male portion of the advert as blue sloths, showing the slowing ability of the new condoms, while the female area is teeming with charging pink cheetahs, to get them going quicker. Simple, effective, memorable, and superb; the print campaign for Jontex shows that BETC’s creative ethos goes with them all around the world.

Controversy over BETC’s Lacoste campaign in the UK

BETC and Lacoste have combined to create many memorable and powerful adverts for the products of the French premium clothes company, with their latest once again meeting BETC Paris’ high standards once again. In the video seen above entitled ‘Crocodile Inside’ we see an intense argument between a couple before their building begins to split in two.

Caught on each side, the woman decides to take the leap to join the man before they slide out into the street and embrace just before the building collapses around them. Still standing after the building falls, the screen reads “Life is a Beautiful Sport.” The advert is made even more powerful by the fact that you can’t hear what they’re arguing about, with only Edith Piaf’s L’hymne a l’amour playing over the duration of the advert.

However, there was a bit of controversy when the advert came to the UK. The original ‘Crocodile Inside’ advert is 1:36 long and has run successfully, but in the UK, it was cut to a hard 30 seconds. This was somewhat disgruntling to some in the industry, but like poets culling words to say as much as possible in the shortest possible word count, BETC still manages to deliver a powerful advert with the same story of the original, full-length video. While not quite as enthralling as the 1:36 version, which can be expected when cuts are made, the UK’s ‘Crocodile Inside’ is still very memorable and iconic.

The return of BETC’s most iconic characters

They’re back, and they’re still bopping away to classic tracks: the Evian babies have returned! Except this time, instead of going with the original version of a great song, BETC decided to mix it up by using a hip-hop version of the song Bare Necessities from Disney’s classic movie The Jungle Book. The 45-second ‘Baby Bare Necessities’ showcases your need to live young, opening with a baby in a suit chugging down some Evian water before breaking into song.

With babies riding bikes, break dancing, doing backflips, and beating former Wimbledon champion Garbine Muguruza on the world-famous court, according to Campaign, the new Evian advert is loaded with the iconic babies. Along with the fun of the dancing and singing babies and the promotion of the product, an important message is also shown towards the end of the advert.

A suited baby continues to sing and bop to the song down the street and then performs a superb bottle throw into a very clearly marked recycling bin. When this happens, in the bottom right, you can see the phrase “100% recyclable. Let’s recycle” to drive home Evian’s ‘Flip it for Good’ campaign that’s centred on increasing the rate of recycling.

It’s been a huge month for BETC. Not only have they teamed up with a huge global brand, but they’ve also continued to produce iconic advertising campaigns and entertain the public while doing so.

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