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BETC Launches Three Iconic Campaigns for April 2019

Known for their creativity, humour, and willingness to go beyond the constraints of standard television advertising, BETC is well known for its ability to produce iconic and memorable campaigns. BETC continually manages to produce inspirational advertising campaigns, with the company’s latest flurry proving, yet again, the splendour of their imagination.

In the first half of April 2019, BETC launched three campaigns for Back Market in the United States of America, French art establishment Palais de Tokyo, and high-tech fuel provider Total Excellium. Each BETC advert taps into something different, making all three of these campaigns particularly iconic this year.

Back Market: Refurbished Tweets

In a market like the United States of America, it can be difficult for foreign companies to break through and connect to the audience. Luckily, BETC came up with a genius way to bring together potential customers and celebrities with the products of phone refurbishment specialists Back Market.

For this campaign, BETC and Back Market went through the old tweets of many of the biggest celebrities in America to find times that they had wanted a newer or different phone. Once these tweets were identified, Back Market refurbished the tweets by replying to them in 2019, telling the celebrity that they’ll be sending the phone model that they wanted, proving the greatness of refurbishing.

Without spending a single penny on a celebrity endorsement or any celebrity advertising, this BETC campaign managed to bring 311 celebrity tweets back from the past, or ‘refurbished’ them, and then sent out 187 refurbished smartphones to the needy stars.

Back Market and BETC replied to tweets from the likes of Emma Watson, Ed Sheeran, 50 Cent, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner – to whom the campaign’s video makes a rather funny quip about the reason for her fame.

Palais de Tokyo: Visiteurs and Perspectives

Palais de Tokyo is a long-standing building that is dedicated to contemporary and modern art, located in Paris. Palais de Tokyo wanted to get the word out about their upcoming programme that’s filled with exhibitions and installations but also wanted to help people to join in and settle into the landscape.

Along with the client, BETC aimed to present the dedicated art building as a place of bastion, freedom, and somewhere that puts boldness at its heart. Along with a four-visual poster campaign, BETC also created two humourous mini-films alongside Cloe Bailly, entitled ‘Perspectives’ and ‘Visiteurs’, to get the message across.

Total Excellium: The Most Epic Battle

Total Excellium deal in high-quality, clean fuels and wanted to display the need for cleaner energy with a powerful and memorable advertising campaign to be shown in over 40 countries across Asia, Africa, Central America, and Europe, which led them to call up the services of BETC. To best demonstrate the battle between good and evil – good being clean fuels and evil being dirty fuels that cause dirt to accrue in a car’s engine – BETC staged a battle for the ages.

In the ad ‘The Most Epic Battle’ BETC has orcs wheeling dirt in their dark and dirty camp until a legion of soldiers from the light and clean on horseback appear from over the hill. The armies of darkness and their massive dirty beasts form ranks to defend against the army of the clean. The clean heroes destroy the dirty creatures, finishing with the camera soaring back through their portal to show a man pouring Total Excellium into his car.

Not only does the campaign get Total Excellium’s point across in a very memorable way, but it also, once again, showcases the creativity of BETC and the lengths to which they will go to produce powerful advertisements. This was the case for all three of these early April 2019 campaigns, which will surely help to usher in a new wave of appreciation for the clients and their products in the eyes of the consumer.

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