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BETC: Super Loto’s ‘Lucky Gloves’

Lucky and warm

One of BETC’s many high-profile clients in their native France is Super Loto. The French National Lottery Super Loto is the biggest in the country, offering huge sums of money to its winners. In 2013, BETC and French National Lottery Super Loto teamed up to start a new campaign and give out specialised lucky attire.

It was the middle of a particularly cold winter in France, but the Super Loto was there for the taking. So, to help inspire a dose of luck for all of those who decided to brave the cold, BETC created the ‘Lucky Gloves’ campaign, with the #Luckygloves spreading the word through social media.

Even though ‘Lucky Gloves’ was the slogan for their campaign which continued Super Loto’s previous campaign which had a focus on finger-crossing, it wasn’t just a winter update implying that people needed to cross their fingers in gloves because it’s cold, BETC went another step further.

As the Super Loto was to be drawn on Friday the 13th of December, the advertising agency felt the need to go an extra step further to help bring luck to potential lottery players. So, they designed and created specialist cotton Super Loto gloves which had the middle finger stitched over the index finger, meaning that players’ hands would remain both lucky and warm.

Best of all, for those who were lucky enough to pass by a Super Loto lucky glove representative in the street, the finger-crossing gloves were completely free, given out to anyone who happened to pass by someone with a Super Loto bag filled with the gloves. The campaign made a total of 10,000 ‘Lucky Gloves’ for distribution across several points in the major cities of France. On Friday the 13th of December, 2013, the people of Marseille, Paris, Strasbourg, Lens, and Rennes were treated to free gloves to bring them luck in the upcoming Super Loto draw.

Of course, the crossed fingers of the Super Loto gloves weren’t sewn into the gloves in a way that, outside of this fun campaign, they would become unusable. People lucky enough to get themselves some ‘Lucky Gloves’ were able to easily remove the seam that made the gloves cross the fingers, making them perfectly usable throughout the rest of the cold winter.

As recorded by Little Black Book, creative director Olivier Apers emphasised the campaign’s desire to warm people up in the cold winter, and bring them luck while doing so: “We all know the saying ‘cold hands, warm heart’. With Loto’s lucky gloves, we wanted people to have both [warm hands and a warm heart]!” The campaign certainly achieved its goal, spreading the word of the Super Loto to a massive scale, and it delivered the added benefit of earning some extra goodwill with potential players of the Super Loto, as everyone likes a free gift – especially when the gift is as novel as ‘Lucky Gloves’.

As you can see in the video below by BETC Paris, they very much enjoyed turning cold hands into lucky hands in the running to the massive winter Super Loto. Further still, their ‘Lucky Gloves’ campaign went viral on social media, with loads of people showing off their free finger-crossing gloves. The campaign was even picked up by news outlets all over the internet as they loved the ingenuity and innovation of BETC and Super Loto’s work.

BETC have done other campaigns for the French National Lottery Super Loto as well, with the ‘Yes, It Happens’ campaign in 2009 depicting gigantic winning lottery balls covering people when they’re in the shower or in bed, demonstrating how anyone could win, regardless of what they’re doing. They also created two adverts for Super Loto’s special Valentine’s Day draw in 2014. To appeal to male and female players, they released ‘Slice of Bread’, which filmed a woman who is very much in love with herself, as well as ‘Elevator’, showing a man who loves himself. With the tagline ‘pour tous ceux qui s’aiment’ or ‘for all those who love each other’, BETC showed the Super Loto jackpot of a minimum of €14 million to be special for the 14th of February and those who celebrate the occassion.

French advertising agency BETC has created a huge range of memorable and iconic campaigns for their clients, but ‘Lucky Gloves’ for the French National Lottery Super Loto is certainly up there as one of the most innovative of them all, and it clearly went down very well with the general public of France.

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