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BETC's Famous Campaigns

When Mercedes Erra joined Remi Babinet and Eric Tong Cuong in 1995, they founded BETC. Since then, the advertising agency has forged a huge range of memorable, powerful, and entertaining campaigns for their clients.

One of BETC’s most famous campaigns in France followed the French National Lottery Super Loto. The biggest lottery in France and BETC teamed up in the middle of the very cold winter of 2013 to bring luck and warmth to players by giving out some ‘Lucky Gloves’.

Both Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Paris have sought the creativity of BETC over the years, and while many of their campaigns have delivered the loving, family feel coupled with world-famous characters, their most recent work may be the best of all. ‘The Little Duck’ is an unforgettable advert that delivers on many levels.

In 2016, Ubisoft was set to release another Tom Clancy video game, but this one was rather different. The Division is an open world game which takes place after a deadly epidemic sweeps the world. For BETC’s campaign for Ubisoft, they created ‘Collapse’, for fans to simulate what it’d be like if they were patient zero. They also did the television advertising campaign, titled ‘Yesterday’, showing the story of the situation that players of The Division find themselves in.

A campaign that was so good that BETC revived it 11 years on was Evian’s ‘Waterbabies’. The instantly recognisable advert saw babies performing a water ballet, with the theme and characters of the advert coming back in 2009 as ‘Rollerbabies’. The wildly successful advert which featured babies on roller skates break dancing to the song Rapper’s Delight by The Sugar Hill Gang was followed by even more baby-oriented Evian campaigns, such as ‘Baby and Me’ in 2013, following the tagline “Live Young”.

The Canal+ World Poker Tour ‘Bluff’ campaign by BETC once again showcased the advertising agency’s funny side. The print campaign featured quotes of some of the most high-profile incidences of attempted bluffs, including somewhat risqué ones from O.J. Simpson, Marco Materazzi, and Bill Clinton.

One of BETC’s most powerful and striking campaigns was for the Federation of Leagues Against Corridas in 2017. The campaigners needed a video which would capture people’s attention and shock them as to the ways of bullfighting, known as corridas in the south of France and Spain. So, to show that the practice is outdated and cruel, BETC created the video ‘Do You Think This Practice Belongs to Another Age?’ which features a velociraptor being used within the ‘sport’, shocking the audience with its finale that shows that the practice is still very much in existence.

Perhaps their most famous advert in their homeland of France, though, is ‘The Bear’ for Canal+. The advert follows a strangely slim bear, who has become a famous movie director. At the end, you learn that it’s a bearskin rug, which has attained their love of the movies by watching Canal+ from the floor.

BETC continues to prove that they are an immensely talented and creative agency, able to provide a top-class product in any genre and for any need.

BETC Fan Life

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